Our mission

We use our infrastructure and knowledge to connect people and enhance their lives.



Since 1926

...we have been bringing information and entertainment to the whole country of Slovakia. We provide radio and TV signals to almost every home. With respect to this non-stop service, ongoing technical infrastructural enhancement and the utilization of the most advanced knowledge, we do our best to make information and entertainment easily accessible to everyone.


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Our vision

„As the regional leader on the TV and radio and infrastructure market we bring unique value to broadcasters, telecommunication providers, companies and people“.



We create the future of TV

We are changing classic television to a hybrid, interactive and multimedia platform available to everyone at any time any place.

We create infrastructure of the future

We aim specifically to develop a technical infrastructure. Thanks to this we are natural partners to telecommunication providers while providing their services. We use our infrastructure as an open network where not only people but also objects of various types, as well as, processes data and all the things around us are interconnected.

We create services and products of the future

Through our innovation center we provide new solutions for everyday life. Our products and services help our partners fully display their potential and contribute significantly to the improvement of the quality of life. 


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The shareholder structure of our company underwent a substantial change in 2014. Towercom confirmed its strong position on the market as well as the fact that it is perceived as modern, dynamic and successful telecommunication company. The next stage of our company development has started new shareholder of the company is ST Networks Holdings Sarl in Luxembourg, ultimately owned by Macquarie Group which has a total of €317 billion in assets under management globally. Of this, MIRA manages €93 billion in infrastructure and real asset investments. 



MIRA is the world’s leading infrastructure investor, with over 20 years’ global infrastructure investment experience and a team of approximately 450 experienced professionals, located in 19 countries. Investors in MIRA’s infrastructure funds are predominantly pension funds and large institutions from around the world. They have a long-term investment horizon and seek investments with sustainable cash flows that will help meet their commitments to retirees and others they serve. 

MIRA has been investing in Europe for over 16 years, and has managed assets through the full investment life cycle. They focus on investing in high-quality infrastructure businesses in developed European countries. MIRA has made investments in 13 European countries across a diverse range of sectors including telecoms infrastructure. It manages investments in the British company Arqiva and Czech radio communication company České Rádiokomunikácie. The MIRA team consists of highly qualified specialists with deep knowledge of many infrastructure sectors, including telecommunications. These specialists work with the portfolio businesses to ensure they have a sustainable and profitable future, for the benefit of the communities they serve and MIRA’s investors.


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Company policy

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