Company history

  • 2018
    Introducing new VOD and streaming service otta
    Launch of HbbTV applications
  • 2017
    Other T-DAB+ test operation transmitters activated
  • 2016
    New broadcasting standard DVB-T2 in 4th multiplex
    First 4K broadcast from Olympics in Rio
    Change of corporate design and logo of Towercom, a.s.
  • 2015
    First ever digital radio broadcast in the modern T-DAB+ standard
  • 2013
    Shareholder change to Macquarie Infrastructure Funds
    Launch of two more nationwide multiplexes covering 80% of the population with free FTA and paid TV channels
  • 2012
    Final termination of analog broadcasting in Slovakia
    Test operation of the new DVB-T2 broadcasting standard
  • 2011
    Termination of the analog broadcasting of the first program in Bratislava fromKamzík (55 years since its launch)
    Commencement of regular HDTV broadcasting in public service multiplex
    End of radio broadcasting in SW
    Implementing the transition from analog terrestrial television to digital terrestrial television
  • 2010
    Beginning of phasing out of the analog terrestrial broadcasting
    Test operation of HDTV (MPEG-4) in DVB-T during Winter Olympics and Football World Cup
    Launching of the regular digital terrestrial broadcasting of public and commercial multiplex
    Extending the coverage of digital terrestrial broadcasting to 94% of the population
  • 2009
    Certification of integrated management system according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 27001 standards
    Winning the bid for digital terrestrial broadcasting in the DVB-T system in Slovakia
    Launch of regular digital terrestrial broadcasting for 80% of the population in Slovakia
  • 2008
    Implementation of satellite broadcasting in high definition (Full HD) for Skylink platform
    Company name change toTowercom, a.s.
    Completion of gradual process of acquisition of assets of TBDS, a.s., RK Tower,s.r.o. and Rádiokomunikácie, o.z.
  • 2007
    Extending our services by offering paid television stations on the Skylink platform
    Transformation of the branch of Rádiokomunikácie to a joint-stock company TBDS with 100% ownership interest of Slovak Telekom, a.s.
  • 2006
    Test operation of the first digital radio broadcasting in the medium wave band in the DRM system in Slovakia
  • 2005
    Launch of the pilot digital terrestrial broadcasting in the DVB-T system in Bratislava and the surrounding area; the DVB-T signal covers approximately 14% of population of Slovakia
  • 2004
    Launch of pilot digital terrestrial broadcasting in DVB-T system in Banská Bystrica– Zvolen
  • 2002
    Launch of OUR own uplink station on TVS Kamzík
  • 1999
    First experimental broadcasting of terrestrial digital television (DVB-T) in Central Europe
  • 1993
    Incorporation of Radiocommunications Administration into Slovak Telecommunications on the basis of a decision of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Public Works
  • 1986
    Start of broadcasting in VHF II band in Bratislava
  • 1974
    Completion of the new television tower in Bratislava on Kamzík
  • 1973
    Launch of broadcasting in color and the beginning of the launch of second television program in Žilina Krížava
  • 1968
    Establishment of the state-owned company Radiocommunications Administration in Bratislava
  • 1963
    Establishment of Radiocommunications Administration and Long-distance Cable Administration based on organizational and legal changes
  • 1960
    Beginning of broadcasting in the VHF band I at the Tatra transmitter - Veľký Slavkov
  • 1958
    Establishment of Long-distance Telecommunication and Radiocommunication connections Administration by merging the Regional Radiocommunication Administration with the Long-distance Telecommunication Administration, later renamed to Long-distance Cable Administration
  • 1956
    Launch of the first TV program in Bratislava on Kamzík
  • 1953
    Establishment of Regional Regional Radiocommunication Administration
  • 1949
    The Radio Office is transferred to the Czechoslovak Radio
  • 1946
    Establishment of the Radio Office to ensure the administration, operation and construction of transmitters
  • 1945
    Completion of the construction of transmitter in Veľké Kostoľany
  • 1938
    Completion of radio transmitters in Košice and Banská Bystrica
  • 1926
    Launch of broadcasting of the first radio station in Bratislava