Data Center

We offer a rental of technology premises which are ideal for placement of servers, data storage or other communication devices of our customers. The data centre meets the TIER III certification requirements.

This space is equipped with fiber-optic connectivity with the possibility of renting a capacity or renting optical fibers in redundant routes with connection to important communication points in Bratislava. In addition to connectivity via the optical network, there are also advantageous solutions for connection via aerial microwave links considering the location of the object.



Non-stop monitoring


Energy backup and connectivity


Our many years of experience in this field and a fully data and energy backed up network guarantee professional service for all customers who need to interconnect their company branches or require a high speed Internet connection in the orders of Mbit/s to Gbit/s. We proactively monitor the high quality and availability of services 24/7 all year round.

Towercom Line telecommunications network

Rental of transparent digital data circuits for your dedicated business connections (rental of telecommunication circuits)

Towercom Fiber optical network

High-speed data centre connections via optical network

Towercom Internet connection

Symmetric on-line connection to the Internet with service-level agreement (SLA)


By combining the above-mentioned basic services, we provide telecommunication solutions according to your needs:

  • establishment and operation of virtual private networks (VPNs)
  • backup of an existing data connection
  • ICT colocation/housing and internet access
  • operation and maintenance of your ICT infrastructure

Areas of application


Offering rental of dedicated space in Towercom Datacenter, designed to accommodate your servers, data storage, or other communications hardware. With its location, redundancy of connectivity and above-standard power backup, the data centre also represents a suitable space for the location of hardware forming part of your priority infrastructure, backup systems, or systems designed to run your priority applications.


Offering rental of dedicated space in a standard pre-installed cabinet in Towercom Datacentre to accommodate your servers and/or other communications devices with direct Internet connectivity. Redundant Internet connectivity is also provided to your server(s) in addition to safe location and connection to a backed-up power supply system. Each server in the data centre can be supplemented with a remote restart feature and a remote administration system may be ordered too.

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