Internet of Things

Through our innovation centre, we are introducing new solutions to everyday life. We use our infrastructure as an open network for all, not just for people but also for devices around us.

The Internet of Things is not only a phenomenon of today, but it also means another revolution in the perception of man and machine relationship, and their interconnection, because it brings new unique control and monitoring possibilities together with provision of advanced services. In this place with the change of perception of services and creation of room for new solutions, where Towercom has of course taken a leadership position. Thus, you can enjoy our IoT network.

Technical details

  • Towercom IoT network is built on a unique company support infrastructure using the LoRa WAN universal communication technology developed for M2M networks.
  • The application layer is fully customizable to specific customer requirements, allowing access to data through the desired application interface, as well as processing and archiving services according to the requirements
  • The network is based on universal communication of radio node devices with the “anywhere and anytime” principle
  • This unique communication solution along with the basic data transfer enables two-way communication in relation to devices

Towercom IoT solution combines and streamlines data flows which help and facilitate people’s work

Towercom IoT solution

  • Helps you effectively use your resources
  • Allows you to maximize your return on investment
  • Helps reduce operating costs
  • Helps ensure smooth and comfortable operation
  • Helps keeping things under control

Towercom IoT solution allows you the following

  • Proactive maintenance
  • Reduction of operating costs
  • Proactive responses to emergencies
  • Secure and efficient use of large amounts of data
  • Shortening network issues response times

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