Coverage of roads

15 000 km



Experience in radio broadcast

90 years

Our company is the only operator providing terrestrial radio broadcasting in the Very High Frequency (VHF) and Medium Frequency (MF) for the public broadcaster RTVS on five circuits. At the same time, we are providing broadcast services to eight licensees for terrestrial radio broadcast. As part of the FM broadcasting, we also provide an additional RDS service for broadcasters, the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic (EWS service) and the Slovak Road Administration (TMC service).

All program radio services provided by our company are unencrypted and are also broadcasted by satellite. The RTVS program service is also available to listeners within the public service multiplex.


T-DAB+ represents a more efficient use of the frequency spectrum, but especially room for the broadcast of other radio stations. This gives broadcasters the possibility to broadcast content in higher quality with other attractive add-on features such as EPG, Slide show and TPEG traffic notifications. T-DAB+ digital radio broadcasting is currently broadcasted only from Bratislava Kamzík, Košice Heringeš, Banská Bystrica Laskomer and Žilina Krížava transmitters.


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