Technical Infrastructure

Technical infrastructure design

We are pleased to be able to share our know-how with our clients thanks to our many years of experience and offer them the right technological solution for their projects. Our experts can provide all the levels of project documentation from the design of the technical solution, through the creation of the project for construction proceedings to the actual implementation of the project. To this day, we have managed to design and implement more than 1000 masts. Our projects include the construction of projects for transmitters several meters high, but also television repeaters or masts to provide radio relay connections.

Offered services

Negotiating with property owners

Drawing of utility networks and drawing of network administrators

Statements by stakeholders and national authorities

Cadastral background documents

Land-use decisions, building permits, special permits

Provision of entrance permits to land plots and rental contracts with landowners

Installation of technical infrastructure

As one of the largest telecommunications companies with extensive tower infrastructure, we have extensive experience in providing assembly and maintenance work at heights. We offer our customers comprehensive services which include follow-up mast and technology maintenance, as well as network monitoring and management. Every year our technicians perform preventive maintenance on nearly 200 masts. We always think ahead and consider circumstances that cannot be foreseen. For instance, we always provide back-up power supplies. With our expertise, your technology will be in the right hands.

Offered services

Construction of electrical connections

Installation of coaxial distribution systems

Installation and maintenance of antenna systems

Backup power supply

Installation of connectors and waveguides

Construction of electrical switch rooms

Technical infrastructure rentals

Rental of technological and non-technological premises or antenna masts and carriers is one of our standard and long-term provided services. With our own infrastructure, which consists of more than 600 objects, we can provide our clients with space for their technology.

Reasons to choose us

Stable and reliable infrastructure


Rental Scalability


Short setup times for the service


Capacity and energy technology backup


24/7 continuous monitoring through the National Management Center


the product is available throughout Slovakia



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