Banská Bystrica Laskomer

Mast height




Mast type

steel lattice, trihedral

Object function

DVB-T2 transmitter, VHF transmitter

Interesting facts

Laskomer Hill is located in a beautiful natural environment of a town forest park of the same name, in the middle of the crossroads of hiking trails of Kremnické and Starohorské hills. One of the first transmitters in Slovakia was constructed on Laskomer Hill in 1936. It became famous during the Second World War as the “Slovak Free Broadcasting Station of Banská Bystrica”. It was the first to start the broadcasting of DVB-T2 standard in Slovakia in summer 2016. The steel lattice high transmitter originally served as an antenna and currently serves as a mast for FM antennas and DVB-T2 antennas.