Bratislava Kamzík

Mast height




Mast type

atypical shape – reinforced concrete core up to 90 m height with steel single tube up to 170 m height and the top finished with 20 m laminate tube

Object function

High power DVB-T2 transmitter and radio transmitter and Headquarters for the entire TV and Radio Network

Interesting facts

The TV Tower is located in the area called Koliba and is a landmark of the capital city of SR and its highest building. In the 70 m high tower there is a revolving restaurant with the most beautiful views of the city skyline and surrounding states.

The foundation stone of the building was laid in 1967 and construction was completed in 1975. For its time, it was a bold architectural, structural and functional solution by the collective of authors, namely Májek, Tomašák, Jurica, Kozák, and Privitzer.

The shape of the tower is inspired by the shape of a bottle as the tower is located in the wine-growing area.

The spine of the tower includes a concrete core with a 7x7m cross-section, a built-in staircase and 2 elevator shafts. The building continues with a steel pipe with 3m in diameter and 79.5m in height, connected by a fiberglass pipe, which is 20.5m long.

The reinforced concrete core is built on an octagonal base that extends to a depth of 2 floors and rests on a massive granite bedrock.