Kremnica Suchá Hora

Mast height




Mast type

single steel tube with anchoring

Object function

High power DVB-T transmitter and radio transmitter

Interesting facts

The transmitter is located a few hundred meters from the Skalka ski resort. It is possible to get to the location from Kremnica along the road going by the castle or via the route leading from the Kremnické bane, which runs along the famous church in the centre of Europe.

The transmitter was put into operation in October 1960 and replaced the TV transmitter located on Krížna. The transmitter was manufactured and installed by Tesla Hloubětín employees. The antenna system was mounted on a 300-meter steel tube mast.

In the summer of 1961, a strong storm tore off the entire roof of the transmitter building and sent it flying across the whole ridge. In 1962 the antenna attachment with a weight of more than 7 tons broke under the heavy frost and strong winds and fell from a 300 meter height near the object. The whole central Slovakia was left without a television signal.

A mast with the same construction can be found in Dubník in eastern Slovakia. The 300 m high single steel tube is held by 6 levels of three anchor ropes. Inside, there is a service lift that runs up to approx. 260m with this route covered in 10 minutes.