Rimavská Sobota

Mast height

169, 160, 109, 90



Mast type

a field of steel lattice masts

Object function

medium-wave and short-wave radio transmitter

Interesting facts

The transmitter is located near the Kurínec State Nature Reserve. The history of construction dates back to 1952 with the test operation launched in 1956.

Shortwave broadcasting from Rimavská Sobota was designed for almost the whole world. After reconstruction in 1983, a new medium-wave hall was created in the original building, which housed a Tesla SRV 2x25kW transmitter and subsequently another Tesla SRV 2x10kW transmitter.

Interestingly, it was the first European transmitter with the operation of technical equipment (filters), which allowed the connection of all three MW transmitters transmitting on three different frequencies into one antenna, which consisted of 102m high steel lattice mast.

When the antenna is selected, the HF energy comes out of the building to a symmetrical 300 Ohm power supply and goes up through it to the antenna.