We use our infrastructure and knowledge to connect people and enrich their lives.

  • 5.5 million

    Every day our signal reaches almost all the inhabitants of the Slovak Republic.

  • 680

    That is the number of transmitters to be found in all districts in Slovakia.

  • 99%

    We cover the entire serviceable territory of our country.

About Towercom

Since 1926, we have been in charge of the technical side of propagation of the radio and television signal that reaches almost every household in the country.

We use our infrastructure as an open network connecting not just people, but also data, processes and objects of all kinds. Using this connectivity, we bring top-quality services to B2B customers, such as the Internet of Things or Data Centre services.

We perceive our non-stop service as a strong commitment, which we manage to deliver to the satisfaction of our customers using cutting-edge technology, constant upgrading of the technical infrastructure, and around-the-clock service.

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