Data centre

The Towercom Data Centre offers clients TIER III certified premises, which, due to their excellent location, connection redundancy and premium power-supply backup, are suitable for placement of client infrastructure, backup systems, or systems requiring a high degree of security, flexibility and reliability.




  • premises of the Kamzík TV transmitter in Bratislava
  • the object is located outside the protective area of approach to the local airport in a non-flooding zone
  • 480 m2 of technological equipment
  • double floor with a load capacity of 1000 kg/m2 (5 kN) and a clearance of 40 cm from the ground


  • non-stop 24/7 NMC security monitoring and a guard service
  • electronic security, camera and access system
  • automatic smoke, fire, water and dust detection systems
  • fixed fire suppression system with no damage to IT technologies
  • upon request, we can provide you with a separate lockable and monitored cage without the possibility of access by persons other than customer staff

ISO certification

Towercom, a. s. uses a certified integrated management system according to:

  • STN EN ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems
  • STN EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems
  • STN ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management Systems


  • we offer comprehensive solutions and consulting based on your requirements
  • we adapt to the dynamics of your company
  • we will modify the premises according to your requirements and specifications
  • parking facilities are available directly within guarded premises of the data centre with convenient access
Towercom Towercom

Towercom, a. s. provides rental of data centre technology spaces for the location, operation and supervision of IT technologies. The data centre also houses our own technology necessary for TV broadcasting services that require maximum security and stability.

The unique and secluded location of the Kamzík TV transmitter facility allows for wide connectivity options through aerial microwave or optical fibre based connections from at least two independent providers, to maximise access efficiency and use of the data centre’s capacity.

Comprehensive services

ISO certification

Professional technological solution for your projects and services:

  • co-location services (private cages also available)
  • rack-housing (possibility to rent 1/4, 1/2 or an entire rack)
  • Server-housing


The Towercom data centre services help reduce your building, space, technology, cooling and power backup related costs.

National Management Centre

The NMC surveillance centre with professional staff is available 24/7, to precisely match your needs and reduce your personnel costs.

Smart Hands

A 24/7 remote support service. This service allows you to carry out basic remote tasks on your devices at any time through trained Towercom personnel, such as device status checks, rebooting and similar.

Space rental

In the premises of the data centre you can rent space or office premises for your IT department.

Technological parameters

Power supply

  • power supply is provided by two transformers, each with a power output of 1250 kVA, operating in N+1 mode
  • backup power supplied by the NZ2® Phoenix Zeppelin power system
  • backup power during power system start-up is supplied by flywheel UPS
  • air-conditioning and ventilation
  • EMERSON air-conditioning units are used in the data centre
  • regulated temperature of 22°C +/- 3°C
  • humidity of 50% +/- 10%
  • system of cold and hot aisles
  • G-4 filtration

Fire extinguishing system

  • fire extinguishing INERGEN® systems
  • optical smoke detectors in the ceiling and in the raised floor
  • optical and acoustic signalling for the safety of staff in the premises
  • all information regarding sprinkler fire extinguishers is monitored by the central surveillance desk

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