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Spreading information and entertainment throughout Slovakia since 1926. We provide radio and TV signal coverage for almost all households in the country ensuring that information and entertainment are available to all people.

Company profile

Creating the television of the future

We turn classic television into a hybrid, interactive and multimedia platform, accessible and tailored to anyone, anywhere and at any time.

Creating the infrastructure of the future

We focus on development of the technical infrastructure, making us the natural partner of telecommunications operators in providing their services. We use our infrastructure as an open network connecting not just people, but also objects, processes and data of all kinds.

Creating services and products of the future

Through our innovation centre, we bring new solutions to life. Our products and services help our partners to take full advantage of their potential and make a fundamental contribution to improving the quality of people’s lives.


The sole owner of the shares of Towercom, a.s. is ST Networks Holdings, S.a.r.l. owned by the Macquarie European Infrastructure Funds 4 group – one of the world’s leading asset managers. Macquarie is a global leader in infrastructure management.

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