Internet of things

The Internet of things is not just a passing phenomenon, rather another revolution in the perception of the relationship between man and machine and the connection between them. It offers new unique possibilities of controlling, monitoring and providing advanced services. It goes without saying that Towercom has taken a leading position in an area where the perception of services is changing and where opportunities for new solutions arise. And you can enjoy our IoT network.


Technical details

The Towercom IoT network is built on the company’s unique support infrastructure using universal LoRa WAN communication technology developed for M2M networks.

The application layer is fully customisable to match specific customer requirements, allows access to data through any desired application interface, and also ensures data are processed and archived if necessary.

The network is based on the universal communication of devices with radio nodes based on the “anywhere and at any time” principle.

In addition to the basic data transfer, the unique communication solution also enables two-way communication with devices. The Towercom IoT solution connects and routes data flows that help people and facilitate their work.

Towercom IoT solution

  • helps utilise your resources efficiently
  • maximises the return on investment
  • helps reduce operating costs
  • helps ensure smooth and comfortable operation
  • helps you stay in control

The Towercom IoT solution allows for

  • proactive maintenance
  • reduction of operating costs
  • proactive response to emergencies
  • safe and efficient use of a large volumes of data
  • reduction of response time to network problems

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